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Offer Spring 2019 (PDF)
Offer Spring 2019 (XLS)

General terms of cooperation.
The prices given in the offer are net wholesale prices (ex-nursery), applicable in cooperation with the centers, wholesalers and shops, gardening as well as landscape architects and companies involved in the design, plantings and maintenance of gardens and plants.
The price for the goods is indicated in Polish Zloty. At settlement with the nursery, please consider the current euro exchange rate to the Polish Zloty (PLN) on the day of payment. Information on the exchange rate is available on the NBP (Narodowy Bank Polski) website:
We reserve the right to change prices during the season.
This study is a trade information and can not be considered as an offer to trade within the meaning of art. 66 of the Civil Code PL
Complaints about the size, quality and quantity of the plants should be submitted at the time of receipt of the order.
Please also note that our nursery is free of responsibility within the limits of force majeure - including drought, frost, sudden attack the plants by pests and diseases.

Abbreviations in the catalogue mean:
- P11r – round pot of diameter 11 cm
- C2, C3, C5…itd. – containers with a capacity of 1,5, 2, 3, 5, 10, 12, 20, 22, 30 litres /
- C21f, 37,5f, C69f – Container made of polipropylen material with a capa city of 21, 37,5, 69 litres
- Pa – standard tree form
- B – plant with a root ball
- B+S – plant with a rootball + metal net
- PBR, ®- multiplication is forbidden (variety protected) /